Sort An Array Of Dates In PHP Example

Dec 18, 2021 . Admin

Hello Friends,

This example is how to sort an array of dates in php example.

We are given an array which consists of multiple dates in (Y-m-d) format. We have to write a program in PHP to sort all the dates present in the array in decreasing order.

So let's start following example.

Example : 1

To sort an array of dates in PHP, the code is as follows.


    function compareDate($date1, $date2){
        return strtotime($date1) - strtotime($date2);

    $dateArray = array("2021-11-11", "2021-10-10","2021-08-10", "2021-09-08");
    usort($dateArray, "compareDate");



This will produce the following output?

   [0] => 2021-08-10
   [1] => 2021-09-08
   [2] => 2021-10-10
   [3] => 2021-11-11
I hope it can help you....