PHP MySQL Select2 Autocomplete With Ajax Example

Mar 01, 2022 . Admin

Hello Friends,

In this blog, I will learn you Jquery select2 ajax autocomplete example with demo in PHP.I am going to show you example for autocomplete jquery select2 with ajax php.

This article will give you simple example of how to php mysql ajax search autocomplete. We will use get search how to Autocomplete Search Box in PHP MySQL using jQuery UI and Ajax.

You can use from PHP jQuery autocomplete select2 from database. I will give you simple example autocomplete serch in jQuery and PHP from database.

So, let's see bellow solution:

<html lang="en">
    <title>PHP Mysql Select2 Autocomplete With Ajax Example</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha256-aAr2Zpq8MZ+YA/D6JtRD3xtrwpEz2IqOS+pWD/7XKIw=" crossorigin="anonymous" />
    <script src="" integrity="sha256-OFRAJNoaD8L3Br5lglV7VyLRf0itmoBzWUoM+Sji4/8=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" />
    <script src=""></script>
    <div class="row mt-5">
        <div class="col-md-6 offset-3 mt-5">
            <div class="card">
                <div class="card-header bg-info text-center text-white">
                    <h6 class="m-0">PHP Mysql Select2 Autocomplete With Ajax Example -</h6>
                <div class="card-body" style="height: 280px;">
                        <select class="postName form-control" name="postName"></select>
    <script type="text/javascript">
            placeholder: 'Select a post',
            ajax: {
                url: '/autocompletePro.php',
                dataType: 'json',
                delay: 250,
                data: function (data) {
                    return {
                        searchTerm: data.term // search term
                processResults: function (response) {
                    return {
                cache: true
    $servername = "localhost";
    $username = "root";
    $password = "";
    $dbname = "db_php";
    $mysqli = new mysqli($servername,$username,$password,$dbname);

        $json = [];
        $search = $_GET['searchTerm'];
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM post 
                WHERE title LIKE '%".$search."%'
                LIMIT 10"; 
        $result = $mysqli->query($sql);
        $json = [];
        while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()){
            $json[] = ['id'=>$row['id'], 'text'=>$row['title']];

    echo json_encode($json);


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