Codeigniter 4 Manual Install/Download, Composer, Git Tutorial

Apr 25, 2022 . Admin

Hi Dev,

In this tutorial we will go over the demonstration of install codeigniter 4 composer. This article will give you simple example of manually install composer in codeigniter 4. I explained simply step by step codeigniter 4 install composer. I explained simply step by step install codeigniter 4 using composer.

I’m going to show you about install codeigniter 4 using let's start the example..

Step 1: Install / Download Composer
First of all we need to install or download Composer following this composer download link Composer Step 2: Check Composer After successfully install the composer open your terminal fire this following command.
Step 3: Install / Download Codeigniter 4 So, codeigniter 4 can be installed in a number of different three ways:

First ways go to codeigniter’s official website and download and extract Codeigniter’s new setup and your local webserver environment.

Second ways in this step, we need to open your command prompt and run the bellow following command for creating a Codeigniter project.

composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter  first-CodeIgniter-4  -s rc 

so, successfully run the command now, we will update dependency using below command. whenever there is a new release, then from the command line in your project root:

composer update

In the third step, you can download or install the codeigniter 4 using git.

git remote add upstream 
Step 4: Run the project

Next, we will run the download project, let’s open the terminal so go to

cd C:\Xampp\htdocs\first-CodeIgniter-4

Run the following command

php spark serve 


php spark serve --port=8081 


php -S localhost:3000

It will help you....

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