Laravel Use DB Raw Query With Example

Oct 08, 2022 . Admin

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In this example, I will show you laravel use db raw query with an example. This post will give you a simple example of how to use a db raw query with an example in laravel. this example will help you how to execute db raw sql queries in laravel. you can understand the concept of how to run a db raw sql query in laravel. Here, Creating a basic example of a db raw query with a code example in laravel.

You can use this example with the versions of laravel 6, laravel 7, laravel 8, and laravel 9.

Note that, Using the DB::raw() eloquent method, you can add subquery in laravel queries.

If you may want to insert, retrieve, update, and delete data into a database table, use the laravel eloquent methods.

To retrieve all data from the database table, you can use the following query:

$users = User::get();

To delete data from the database table, you can use the following query:

$users = User::where('columnname', columnvalue)->delete();
Example 1: DB raw With Select Clause Query

When you write a query in your controller using a model or query builder and may need to use a raw expression in a query.

You can write as follow:

$users = User::select(DB::raw('count(*) as user_count, status'))
                     ->where('status', '<>', 1)
Example 2: DB Raw Query With Join

How to write db raw query with laravel joins.

You can write as follow:

$data = DB::table("products")
	      	GROUP_CONCAT(product_stock.quantity) as quantity_group
	      	FROM product_stock
	      	GROUP BY product_stock.id_product
    	) as product_stock"),function($join){
Example 3: Using DB Raw Get Max Value

Using the db raw, you can get the max value from db.

You can write as follow:

	->where('id', \DB::raw("(select max(`id`) from orders)"))

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